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Use code WELCOME for 10% off your first order. Plus, get FREE shipping on all orders $49+!
Use code WELCOME for 10% off your first order. Plus, get FREE shipping on all orders $49+!

Van Ness Cat Food Scooper

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$2.98 - $2.98
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• Ideal food scoop for owners of cats and dogs
• Made from high impact plastic for extra durability
• High polished finish that is odor & stain resistant & easy to clean

Cat Food and Water Bowls

When it comes time for your feline friend to eat, they should have their own bowl for food and water. And just like the bowls we humans eat out of, you need to keep them clean. Whether you’re feeding your kitty dry food or wet food, their bowls should be rinsed after every meal. We recommend running them through the dishwasher or handwashing them with soap and water at least twice a week, but it certainly won’t hurt to wash them every day. Cat bowls should be large enough to hold a meal-sized portion of your cat’s food, and you’ll want to pick one that’s straight-sided to avoid messes from being tipped over. Oval-shaped bowls are widely considered to be the best shape, as cats don’t like feeling pressure on their whiskers while they eat. Oval-shaped bowls give cats the space they need for their whiskers not to make significant contact with the edges, but the edges are still high enough to prevent potential spills.

If you’re looking for durable, easy to clean bowls, then look no further than what PetShip has to offer. Browse our selection today and get what you need so mealtime can be even more enjoyable for your cat!

Do cats need their own food and water bowls?

If you have multiple kitties in your life, each will need its own food and water bowl. Both veterinarians and cat behavioral specialists agree on this because in the wild, cats will hunt for their food and eat alone. Cats are naturally wired to be protective, especially when it comes to their food, so forcing cats to share a food bowl can result in some issues ranging from eating too quickly to guarding bowls and even fights. All your cats should have their own bowls, no matter how well they get along together.

Giving cats separate bowls also helps you control the amount of food they get and the type of food they’re eating. This is especially helpful if one of your kitties is on a special diet to lose weight or has to eat certain foods because of their age or an allergy.

Where to put your cat’s food and water bowls

You should put some thought into where you put your cat’s food and water bowls, especially if you have other pets. You want to avoid cats fighting over food and becoming territorial, and you don’t want the dog to eat the cat’s food either! Cats are also creatures of habit, so once you pick a place to put their bowls, stick to it. Moving their bowls can disrupt their eating and drinking habits and cause them to become confused and even stressed out.

When choosing a place to put your cat’s food and water bowls, be sure to keep them as far away from the litter box as you can. Just like us, our cats want to eat their food and do their business in two very separate locations. If you have multiple cats, you should also keep their bowls as separated from each other as possible so they can enjoy their own space when enjoying their meal.