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Use code WELCOME for 10% off your first order. Plus, get FREE shipping on all orders $49+!
Use code WELCOME for 10% off your first order. Plus, get FREE shipping on all orders $49+!

Tetra SafeStart Plus Concentrated Freshwater Aquarium Bacteria

by Tetra
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Help provide your new finned friends with a healthy home by using Tetra SafeStart Plus Concentrated Freshwater Aquarium Bacteria! This solution is designed to help reduce ammonia and nitrate levels in newly set-up fish aquariums, so your new scaly sidekicks can have a safer start. The concentrated formula contains live bacteria that can help speed up the cycling process, meaning it can help a new filtration system grow healthy bacteria faster. When this happens, it can help remove dangerous toxins, ultimately creating a safer environment for your underwater buddies!

Why We Love It:

  • Helps speed up the growth of healthy bacteria on newly set-up freshwater aquarium filtration systems.
  • Can be used when setting up a new aquarium, adding new fish, after medication or after a water or filter change.
  • Designed to start working quickly to encourage a healthy environment for new fish.

About Tetra

Tetra aquarium products are dedicated to helping seasoned hobbyists and beginners alike to enjoy a successful, life-long aquatic experience. Our complete line of Tetra nutrition, water care, filtration and aquarium products help make fishkeeping accessible to all hobbyists so they can benefit from its rewards.



Cleaning and Potty Products

Let’s be honest – cleaning up after our pets is far from the best part about being dog parents. But it’s the right and responsible thing to do, and with the proper training, you shouldn’t have to clean up any messes in the house. Whether you’re training a new puppy to not go potty inside, helping a senior dog take care of accidents, or just need to stock up on waste bags, PetShip has what you need.

Make sure you’re prepared when your dog has to go and grab what you need from PetShip today!

Are diapers for dogs really necessary?

We get that it’s a rather funny sight to see a dog wearing a diaper, but the absurdity of the visual doesn’t mean that dog diapers aren’t useful. In fact, they’re necessary to help senior and accident-prone dogs that can’t control certain bodily functions avoid making a mess.

Especially accident-prone dogs may be considered incontinent, meaning they don’t have the ability to control their bladder or bowels and are often unaware that they’re going to the bathroom while it’s happening. If you’re constantly finding spots of urine or feces underneath your furry friend while he or she is sleeping or relaxed and laying down, this may be a sign that they are suffering from an incontinence problem. Contact your vet to get things checked out, and stock up on some doggy diapers from PetShip to help reduce the amount of clean up you have to do.

Some products called wraps, serve the same purpose. Unlike diapers which are single-use, some wraps can be washed and then used again, but it’s up to you if you’d rather quickly swap out a dirty diaper for another or spend time cleaning a wrap before putting it back on your pup. Diapers and wraps like these are an ideal way to handle a dog that can’t control its bowels if the issues can’t be treated with surgery or medicine, and they can help out with training.

How to train a pup to not do their business indoors

As anyone who’s had a puppy knows, potty training can be a difficult and frustrating process. While it’s inevitable that you’ll have to deal with a few accidents inside your house, there are steps you can take to quickly teach them not to do their business indoors.

The Humane Society recommends taking your puppy outside at least once every two hours, and always immediately after they wake up, after playtime, and after eating or drinking. Always have your puppy on a leash when you take them outside and try and get them to do their business in the same spot every time. While they’re going potty, say a specific encouraging word or phrase. You’ll use it later to remind them what to do next time they’re outside, and you want them to relieve themselves before going back inside. Once they’ve done their business, give them a treat so they associate the reward with the action, and take them on a or do some playing outdoors before heading back inside.